Summer Associate

Program Overview

Each summer we host a cohort of graduate-level associates to work closely with our team. The associates support our team members in pipeline screening, due diligence, sector research projects, operations, as well as awareness building. They also participate in special initiatives to help achieve our mission of investing in and scaling game-changing technologies that will usher in a new era for both people and planet.

Our program runs for 10 weeks and is open to first year graduate degree students who are passionate about solving today’s critical problems and working with visionary entrepreneurs.

Attracting and nurturing new talent is part of our ongoing commitment to helping the next generation of inspired and astute investors. We are grateful to call these outstanding alumni part of our Piva Capital family.


Summer Cohort

  • Audrey Atencio
  • Lee Larson
  • Charlotte Ross

Summer Cohort

  • Jillian Noel
  • Bri Wang
  • Claire Yun

Summer Cohort

  • Whitney Chu
  • William Dean
  • Daniel Ketyer

Summer Cohort

  • Jonathan Hess
  • Mengzhen Lei
  • Roxanne Tully

Internship Benefits

Build and refine your venture capital knowledge and skill sets
Extend your network within the community of investors and entrepreneurs
Build your personal brand, backed by the credibility of Piva Capital