Senior Advisor

Michael S. Idelchik, PhD

Michael Idelchik is an innovative thought leader, board director, and executive advisor who develops new technologies across multiple industries and evolves them to compete and win in the global market. A leader of five divisions during his career at GE, he was on the front line of creating “world’s-first” products that revolutionized healthcare and aviation. A system-level thinker, he has intricate knowledge of the global technology supply chain from conception to market and has developed talent and led teams throughout the world. His nearly 40 years of success culminated in receiving GE’s highest honor recognizing lifetime achievement.

Michael currently leverages his ability to connect industry and technology as a board member and trusted advisor to business leaders. He serves as a strategic and technology consultant for a variety of companies and fills a much-needed role in the start-up sphere where he guides product maturity, scale up, and supply chain development that is tailored to making each specific technology a success. Additionally, he serves on the Advisory Board of Singapore National Research Foundation, where he is valued for helping simplify the complexities of positioning the country as a global technology competitor.

A respected leader who naturally builds trust, Michael identifies and develops talent by understanding and being curious about each person’s intellectual desires. He has a keen ability to listen to and align people toward a common goal and communicates highly technical and complex ideas in an easily understood way. He has handled many crises in his career with a practical approach that builds consensus, including challenges surrounding the launch of new technology as well as delicate global relationships. Michael currently holds 18 patents across aviation, healthcare, oil and gas, and power, and he is proficient in Russian. He has been married to his wife, Hana, for 45 years and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

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